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ASIAN DIVERS & EQUIPMENT SDN. BHD., we  are  deeply  committed  to  providing premier diving services.

ASIAN DIVERS  has  invented   in  new technology  and   products to help deliver more solutions.  ASIAN DIVERS  is specialized  in  commercial diving and all  kinds  of  underwater activities  and  marine.   In diving  services,  ASIAN DIVERS provides engineering , inspection, installation services  to  it’s  clients  and  also engineering design companies.

In 2001,   thank  to  a  significant  investment   in   new equipment  and  the support of experienced managers, technicians and engineers,  Asian Divers  successfully undertook several important assignments on behalf of the  major Oil  Companies   and Engineering Firms.

Today  we   provide   a   complete   range   of   offshore services, principally engaged in diving and ROV support services,  marine  and  underwater engineering services including offshore inspection, repair and maintenance of existing  structures  such as pipelines, flow lines, cables, fixed  platforms, drilling rigs, SBM and  FPSO Systems.

The development of exploration and production activities of oil companies in Malaysia has resulted in the growth of specialized companies to serve offshore sector.

Asian Divers & Equipment  Sdn. Bhd   has  a  wealth  of  experience  in  marine  and underwater engineering with various  projects  completed  successfully.  Asian Divers has been  used  for many years by oil & gas companies. Founded  as  ‘Underwater Consultant’  and specialize for all  kinds  of underwater activities

In line with our commitment to promote the “Health and Safety” work place safe working practices, ASIAN DIVERS is following US Navy and ADC rules and regulations.

Therefore, diving  industry  will  witness a very prominent local presence of commercial diving company that forms the backbone  of  the  Malaysian Commercial Diving  scene  and ROV services.

 All in all, we  are  keeping  ourselves busy with continuous improvement and upgrading of facilities and services to serve  you  better  as  we move  into  the  future  together.